My First month in Prague: Opinion about living costs and services

Davide Pollicino
6 min readOct 5, 2022


Hey friends, welcome to a new article. If you’re new here my name’s Davide, I am an Italian software Engineer working at Microsoft, currently based in Prague (Czech Republic).

Today, we will talk about my opinion about Prague (Czech Republic), analyzing it from a business point of view, coviering startup agevolation, career opportunities in tech, networking and personal considerations about: living costs and public services efficiency.

Let’s get started!

Business in Prague


Prague is a very international city, with one of the biggest university in Europe. Big tech companies are present in czeck republic, and the latests generation are able to fluently speak english. On meetup, you can find hundreads of weekly meet-up. As influence of tech is very present due to the large number of tech companies, you will be able to find workshops and meetup related to your favourite. technology or tool.

Professional Opportunities in Tech

In Prague, as in many other capitals around Europe, you will find all the major big tech companies MAANG, that attracts professional from any continent.

Prague is also among the 42 cities with the highest number of game development studios. The very international context will enable you to find tech opportunities even without speaking Czech.

Coworking space

The vast number of working spaces represent great opportunities for networking, business meeting and location for work management.

Soon, a dedicated article will be published about the major and most popular coworking spaces in Prague, analyzing factors like: costs, availability, internet speed, food facilities (restourant and supermerket arounds and public transport connection). Make sure to follow me to stay updated with my next articles.


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